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The New DEMON CAGE BoardGame

Verfasst: Fr 13. Sep 2013, 10:25
von Kaal979
Dont you always hate it to in order have to spent weeks of
studying and crafting before being ready for a great miniature game?
Now - your time has come - finally a simple but nonetheless thrilling
and beautiful and even cooperative boardgame for you and your friends!
Try it out and dispute! ... -399775877

P.S.: The game is so great but it can even be played with
whichever other fantasy or scifi characters or weaker or stronger
demons for extra challenge with campaigns and what not else!!

Re: The New DEMON CAGE BoardGame

Verfasst: Di 1. Okt 2013, 14:48
von Kaal979
Jetzt auch auf Deutsch uebersetzt - DER KAEFIG DES DAEMONS - ... A4vm_xNE9c

Hexen Texture Chess Board

Verfasst: Di 19. Nov 2013, 14:54
von Kaal979