Alte Infos zu Cerulean Mists

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Alte Infos zu Cerulean Mists

Beitrag von Coki »

Hier mal etwas von meiner Festplatte das da schon länger rumliegt.

Eine kurze Info zu der nie erschienende Erweiterung "Cerulean Mists" von EXE.

Quelle und Ursprung siehe Text. Die Infos selbst sind mind. vom 01.05.2006.
The design is of Thom Talamini, that it has made a large one papocchio in other things, but in this me was piaciuto not little. Us also I had begun to work...
In particular draft of one of the storm troops to the service of the dormiente ceruleon (a lovecraftiano Pò like idea).
To me it appeals to much.
Ceruleon is the divine brother of Tiamat, the goddess snake of the Stigiani. In past, when the elfi the skies with Draghi found contendere absolutely rovinoso, they decided of giving they same battle and they took advantage of Draghi (exterminates Dredges to it, that is of it dredges inferiors grown under the influence of the magical powers of the loto) in order to pull down them. The same Ceruleon (that it would have to be an enormous Dragaccio) was hurt a.morte. Determined cosi of rifuggiarsi in the profondita one of the seas, trying to recover own the wounded ones. At a distance of centuries, Ceruleon does not succeed to resist to the own one covets of vendetta, and decides to free its sons in spite of its power is not still returned that one once. It is useful for the confusion provoked from Stigiani and Devoti and attacks the Elfi. To Barath-hor (a harbour city of First been born) a coalition of Elfi and First been born is found to fight against an unexpected enemy. The army of Elfi is withdrawn from the field before giving battle, while that one of the first NATO, decides to save the city. First been born they come sweeps to you via, only a champion (than then it will fuse the order of the Repulsar Lord, soon statistics not hardly I find to them) succeeds in salvari and little other men.
But the elfi they will not have easy life, why the marine army follows and torments just they. In Between time first been born they cannot be thought calm, same Chronopia in fact is under besieges from an army of Stigiani, and leaves of the Eternal City comes quite occupied from the invaders.
the elfi of the obsidian snake, while their siblings come attack to you, simply they do not move and the emissaries of the Duca Zanzen to the court of the snake, come killed...
Ceruleon è il fratello divino di Tiamat, la dea serpente degli Stigiani. In passato, quando gli elfi trovavano assolutamente rovinoso il contendere i cieli con i Draghi, decisero di dare loro battaglia e sfruttarono i Draghi stessi (gli stermina Draghi, ovvero dei draghi inferiori cresciuti sotto l'influsso dei poteri magici del loto) per abbatterli. Lo stesso Ceruleon (che dovrebbe essere un enorme Dragaccio) fu ferito a morte. Decise cosi di rifuggiarsi nelle profondita dei mari, cercando di guarire le proprie ferite. A distanza di secoli, Ceruleon non riesce a resistere alla propria brama di vendetta, e decide di liberare i suoi figli malgrado il suo potere non sia ancora ritornato quello di una volta. Approfitta della confusione provocata da Stigiani e Devoti e attacca gli Elfi. A Barath-hor (una città portuale dei Primi nati) una coalizione di Elfi e Primi nati si trovano a combattere contro un nemico inaspettato. L'esercito di Elfi si ritira dal campo prima di dare battaglia, mentre quello dei primi nati, decide di salvare la città. I primi nati vengono spazzati via, solo un paladino (che poi fonderà l'ordine dei Repulsar Lord, presto le statistiche non appena le trovo) riesce a salvari e pochi altri uomini.
Ma gli elfi non avranno vita facile, perchè l'esercito marino segue e tormenta proprio loro. Nel Fra tempo i primi nati non possono ritenersi tranquilli, Chronopia stessa infatti è sotto assedio da un esercito di Stigiani, e parte della Città Eterna viene addirittura occupata dagli invasori.
gli elfi del serpente d'ossidiana, mentre i loro fratelli vengono attaccati, semplicemente non si muovono e gli emissari del Duca Zanzen alla corte del serpente, vengono uccisi...
But these dredge and those of the clan of I dredge, were in relation. Also the second ones were divinita before the corruption. Two alignments of the same family?
This was a doubt that I had also, but not is only that one. Thom said that all it would have been put to place with the detailed one background of Ceruleon Mist.
The other problem, is that these Dredge, is those hunted and exterminates to you from the elfi, using it exterminates dredges to it (than in the second one edizone they are Dredges inferior, that is of Draghi grown under the influence of the loto in order to render them dumb, in short). But, of of the Dwaries, they are only becomes to you monstrous after the reduction in been born slaveries of First. Therefore, having the elfi used it exterminates dredges to it in the fight against the First NATO, and having exterminated Draghi mooolto before those facts, between Draghi of the clan of Drago and those of Ceruleon, us some would not have to be tie.
Here the great master of the order of the Skulls of I dredge here. Also this thought for CM.Certo, is not a design of Smith, but I badly see tutt' other to it that like minaitura.
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Re: Alte Infos zu Cerulean Mists

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Wenn ich das so lese bin ich irgendwie froh das Excelsior es nicht mit Chronopia geschafft hat