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Warzone FAQ

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Hier mal die aktuelle Warzone FAQ, da ja EXE nicht erreichbar ist im Moment.


Installment 1

The Official FAQ & Errata for Warzone: Universe under Siege.

This is the place we compile all the relevant questions and errata found in UWZ. Should you have a question, start a new topic and post your query there. Please be brief. We will answer it in the thread and the data will be compiled here and later deleted from the pool of questions.

Last update: 11/03/04 4:37 pm EST

General Entry: Night Fighting Rules

Q: I can’t find the night fighting rules. Where are they?

A: It looks like the night fighting rules were removed in favor of insertion in another book Use these optional rules for now. Official rules will be released in a future supplement:
 LOS is reduced to short range or less.

 Ranged combat attacks suffer a -4 penalty.

 Command radius is reduced by 2”.

 Squads outside short range may be targeted if they have fired during the current round. Mark the squads that have fired with a muzzle flash marker. Models firing at a muzzle flash shoot at a -8 RC.

 Models illuminated by flairs or star shells may be attacked normally.

 Other optional load-outs like tracer rounds or night vision can reduce or remove the RC penalty and LOS restrictions for fighting in darkness. See their description for details.

Page 34: Cybertronic Enhancements

Q: Page 34 states that here are times when a player may opt to add cybernetic enhancements to a model(s) and when this occurs, theAI rating of the model is increased. By how much? When does my model move from mortal to AI?

A: Each enhancement moves you up one level. No level of enhancement will move you from mortal to AI. If you are mortal, you roll on the moral system. If you are AI, you roll on the AMOK system. If you are mortal with an AI rating, it only means you might be susceptible to certain powers and effects reserved for models with an AI rating.

Page 36: Specialist Buying Criteria

Q: How many specialists may I have in a squad?

A: The standing ratio for grunt squads is four required models for each one optional specialist. The standing ratio for elite squads is three required models for each one optional specialist. A few units have unique requirements that will be listed in their description. If the squad leader of the squad in question is required, then he counts toward the total required models in the squad.

Page 36: Force Commanders

Q: Can models with the Force Commander SA appear in smaller forces?

A: Yes. If they are used in a force too small to support a formal force commander, then they simply take the role of a division commander. While in such a role, they will be limited to the skills of a division commander instead of force commander.

Page 40: Mounted Troops and Actions

Q: Can a mounted trooper have the mount move and then the rider shoot, like a multi-crewed vehicle?

A: Under normal conditions, if a mount makes a move action, the rider is assumed to be controlling/steering it and thus uses an action as well. A rider may not normally fire while its mount moves.

Page 41: Targets of Falling Models

Q: How far is a model allowed to move when he side steps a falling model?

A: The wording here is a bit misleading. A successful LD check doesn’t mean the target moves as much as it means the falling model misses. Place the models side by side, not in base contact. If by some chance there is a perceived tactical advantage in placing the falling model in a given position relative to the target, determine the exact position by rolling a standard deviation roll for the direction. Then place the falling model as close to the target as possible without reaching base contact.

Page 42: Making a Spot Check

Q: Is there no limit to the range in which a model can attempt a spot check?

A: The rule under "Making a Spot Check" on page 42 is incomplete. Along with the requirement for LOS, you must be within your LD in inches of the concealed model in order to attempt a spot check.

Page 42 and 49: Infiltrate and Concealment

Q: The rules for spotting on p42 (6.2.7) There it says that concealed models are those who have Stealth, Stalk or Infiltrate. But in the description of Infiltrate says nothing about concealment - just that they can deploy 12" from enemy models. Which is it?

A: Page 42 (Section 6.2.7) and Page 49 (Section 8.6.2) hold typos. Early in the beta the term infiltrate represented what would become the stealth special ability. The change was implemented to keep from confusing those of us who know infiltrate from second edition. Unfortunately, a few of the rules sections were not properly updated. Please disregard the term Infiltrate in those sections.

Page 43: Spot Modifiers

Q: In reading Spot, it says that spots are modified by range and cover, but then it does list the modifiers. Are there modifiers to spot for range and cover?

A: The only modifiers to spot are listed on page 43 (minimal presence) and with the various stealth and detection skills listed in section 12.

Page 43: Spot and Wait

Q: The note under this section says there is no cumulative bonus to SPOT since you only have one wait action. What about guys with Ambush? Could they use both actions? Would they get the bonus?

A: Troopers with the Ambush special ability who have reserved two actions may spend one or both actions spotting. If they spend two, they will get the cumulative spot bonus.

Page 51: Firing into Close Combat

Q: Elites can fire into a close combat without an LD test. How about Individuals and Support units?

A: An Individual or Support unit with an unmodified LD stat of 12 or higher may fire without a test. Those with an 11 or less must roll just as Grunt squads do.

Page 51: Firing into Close Combat

Q: It states in Close Combat (pg 51) you must make a LD check to fire into Close Combat. In the Moral section (pg 66) it states you must make a LD check at -4 to fire into close combat. Which is correct?

A: Both. Page 51 is correct but not complete. It should be amended to include the -4 penalty as listed on page 66.

Page 52: Target Priority

Q: Page 52 states that when RC attacks are launched against an enemy unit, they always target the nearest model in that Unit. Does this allow me to target any enemy unit on the board, but restrict me to fire only on the nearest member of that Unit?

A: No. You must target the closest model period, unless allowed to ignore that target by merit of a rule that allows for an exception (like tactical sense or the sniper SA). Since that target model must stay in command, the nearest model will always be a member of the closest squad by definition. It would have been redundant to add that restriction.

Page 53: Critical Hits and Fumbles

Q: If I roll a burst of three shots from an HMG and get two 20 results, does my next shot suffer a -8 penalty? Do I lose my next action?

A: The example box on page 53 is a bit misleading. It should have maybe said the “model’s shot is wasted” instead of the “the model’s action is wasted”. Here’s how it works.

When you roll a burst or three shots from an HMG, each one must be rolled separately. If a 20 results, that particular shot automatically misses (and is thus wasted), and the next shot suffers the penalty.

That next shot might be the result of spending your next action to fire, or it might be part of the resolution of a burst of fire resulting from the previous action. Either way the rule is simple. You suffer a -4 penalty on the next shot after a fumble.

If you roll another 20 on that next shot, it will miss as well. Then the next shot (if any) will suffer the penalty, just as before. The penalty is never cumulative. If the fumble occurs on the last shot of the activation, you’re lucky. The penalty doesn’t carry over to the next turn.

If you prefer to roll all the dice all together, I suggest you use three different colored dice. Use the lightest colored die as the first shot, the next lightest die as the second, etc. If you see a 20, just add four to the next die. Once all the hits are determined, deal them out and save normally. The same trick works for grunts when you want to shoot with all three actions.

Page 53: Ranged Combat Targeting

Q: How much larger must a model be to shoot over another model? How much higher must one model be to shoot over another?

A: A Model must be at least two sizes larger than the model in front of them in order to fire over them. The exception is models who are MP. Models behind models who are MP may fire over them if they are at least the same size.

The amount of elevation needed to hit a target is determined by the one inch firing lane rule. If the model on the elevation can draw LOS to the chest of the target, and still clear the intervening models by one inch or more (either vertical or horizontal), the shot is legal. The best way to judge this is to draw a string between the two models and look at the clearance. If that isn’t definitive, roll a peacemaker.

Page 53: Critical Hits and Templates

Q: Page 53 states that if a natural 1 is rolled on a ranged attack, then the damage is increased by 4. What if this is in the form of an explosion template? Does everyone under the template get hit by the +4 attack? What if the damage has a multiplier? Does both saves have to be rolled under the increased damage?

A: Yes.
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Page 54: Launchers and Deviation

Q: Page 54 states indirect fire weapons always hit, but might suffer reduced damage. Does that mean direct fire weapons deviate?

A: No. The section should have stated both indirect and direct fired launchers always hit, but might suffer reduced damage. The only difference between the two is that indirect fire weapons may be fired without the one inch gap, the target gets no cover or MP bonus, and in some instances indirect fire weapons can be called in by a forward observer acting as a spotter. Otherwise, they work the same.

Page 55: Cover

Q: The rules concerning cover are a bit confusing. Can you elaborate? What about vertical cover like a corner?

A: The wording of the cover rules has raised a number of issues. The intent of the waist high rule is simple. Imagine the trooper standing upright, regardless of his actual pose. If the obstacle he's hiding behind would reach his waist, he can take cover there. The fact the model might be squatting or holding his weapon up in the air doesn't matter. It is assumed he would have the sense to use the cover in front of him.

Issues of vertical concealment or elevated concealment can only be judged using the above intent as a guideline. There really isn’t a good hardwired rule you can follow. Even using the old rule, nobody can really tell the difference between 40% exposure and 60%. It was always just an estimate. We’ve tried to make that estimate a bit easier.

If the amount of cover present is equivalent to the protection of hiding behind a waist high obstacle, it counts as cover. In times of doubt, announce your intention and get a judgment before the move. If you failed to do that and common sense can’t prevail, a peacemaker is your only option.

Good communication between opponents will preclude virtually all arguments concerning cover. If you have a question concerning the cover status of a model, ask the question when they move there. Don’t wait until later. When you move into cover, inform your opponent of your intention. Give him a chance to respond. I can’t recommend this method highly enough.

Page 57: Forward Observers

Q: The Brotherhood and Dark Legion don’t appear to have any forward observers. How do they call down fire missions?

A: The Brotherhood and the Dark Legion for that matter share a commonality when it comes to fire missions and forward observers. In review, it is not obvious and I apologize for that. The answer thankfully is rather simple and is merely a clarification to what you have.

Let's start with the Brotherhood. Cleansing Flame isn't a "art power" in the sense that others are (ie-back of the section). Since wielding the art takes a great amount of mental acumen and personal power, the Brotherhood uses channelers to function as Forward Observers. Thus any channeler may function as a Forward Observer and every FO knows how to call forth the "Cleansing Flame" when using the Judgment of the Cardinal Power. It is this very perspicacity that allows them to function well as Forward Observers, by nature a skill requiring a great attention to detail.

When making the LD test to place the marker, the Brotherhood refers to it as "Cleansing Flame" and it is an LD test like any other FO action. As mentalism is often used to describe art, it should not be confused with powers from the Mentalism List. It is not treated as a specific power is. Consider it a general function of Brotherhood Channelers. This same system applies to the Cardinal's Fist Smart Bomb.

Much like the Brotherhood fire missions, the Dark Legion relies on innate power over specifically trained troops with equipment. A Nepharite is considered a Forward Observer in any DL army. For one action, he may target any spot within 16" and LOS. This painted spot will become the focus of the particular fire mission represented by the Apostle. Any Division Commander or Nepharite may then call down the mission subsequently.

Obviously, the Cults and Horde do not have Fire Mission options.

Page 61: Cybertronic Fire Missions

Q: Cybertronic fire missions both have an ATS 12 attack. They are both also, according to fluff, microwave and/or particle accelerators. Does this mean that units susceptible to radiant damage add that to the ATS attack? Thus, a Vulkan, with radiant +2, would have a net ATS 10 attack?

A: Yes.

Page 65: Individual Morale Checks

Q: There is no specific mention of Individual morale checks. When do they roll?

A: The rule on page 65 states you roll when half or more of the squad. For purposes of moral, individuals are squads of one. They roll when they lose half their wounds.

Page 65: Broken Movement

Q: The rule states if I fail the LD check, I must move away from the enemy that broke me. How far do I have to move?

A: You must move your full movement rate.

Page 65: Squad Rally

Q: On page 65 it states that a squad leader must "spend any and all it's available actions to Attempt a rally" But on page 43 it implies that he does it one at a time and is free to act as soon as he succeeds. Which is it?

A: It's really both. The rule on page 65 means he must continue to rally the troops until they are no longer suffering from moral issues. He can't just try once, and then leave the squad broken. He has to keep trying until they are fully rallied or he runs out of actions. Once he succeeds, he may continue his activation as normal if he has any actions remaining.

In cases where the squad leader is already dead, the first model to activate may attempt a rally at a penalty, but he can only try once. He's just not got the training and skills of a full blown squad leader. He can't keep trying until he succeeds like an experienced squad leader can.

Page 69: Aura of Corruption

Q: Shouldn’t the hazard rating of this effect be labeled ATS instead of ATR? Is the strength incorrect?

A: Yes. Instead of “ATR 6”, it should say “ATS 14”.

Page 72: Deadshot and Templates

Q: If a model has the Deadshot SA, but fires a template weapon into CC, will he hit the friendly model?

A: Yes. You’ll hit the closest model first and then keep going until you reach the cluster effect limit of the weapon or run out of targets under the template.

Page 73: Espionage

Q: Does using this skill require the use of an action?

A: Yes. It costs one action to employ the skill, but it may only be used once per round.

Page 73: Feast

Q: Do even friendly models have to roll for panic when a monsters feasts on a kill?

A: No. The text should read any “enemy model” within three inches.

Page 74: Foul Wind SA

Q: Is there a range or template associated with Foul Wind?

A: The ability may only be used on targets that are in CC with the wielder.

Page 75: Impenetrability

Q: Are impenetrable targets immune to all non-AV attacks?

A: No. They are immune to all natural attacks of damage 12 or less that are not AV rated. The last sentence should have said they are “completely immune to non-AV natural attacks that do 12 or less points of damage.”

Page 75: Impersonation

Q: What happens to an impersonator if the entire squad gets destroyed before he can spring into action? What happens if the squad panics or breaks?

A: If the squad is destroyed to a man, the impersonator is lost. If the squad panics, the impersonator will play along, acting just like the others. But once he springs into action, he will discard this ruse and act normally. He will not suffer from the effects of his previous squad’s moral.

Page 75: Impersonation

Q: Can an impersonating model be placed in a squad that paradeploys? Can I deploy several models with the impersonating ability in the same squad?

A: Yes to both. The impersonator can be placed in any legal squad. The only limit as to how many is the you can't have more impersonators than grunt squad members.

Page 76: Medic

Q: Can a medic reserve a wait action and later try to use it to heal a model within range?

A: Yes. A medic may attempt to heal a model with a wait action, assuming the roll to come off wait was successful. This is an exception to the general rule concerning special abilities and wait.

Page 76: Medic

Q: Can a medic heal an AI model?

A: Yes. It is assumed that medics are trained to assist all the troops they support, whether by classic medicine or system reboot.

Page 76: Medics Reviving Detonated Bodies

Q: Can a medic revive a model detonated by a Symmetry Accelerator?

A: Common sense would have to dictate the answer is no. The body would be completely destroyed. As such it couldn’t be revived or raised as a necrorganic. It’s hard to bandage or raise a red sticky mist.

Page 77: Necrorganic Resistance

Q: Do models with this skill receive the -3 damage on all ranged attacks, or just ballistic ones?

A: The description should have said “ballistic ranged combat attacks” instead of just “ranged combat attacks”. Only ranged attacks of a ballistic nature receive the benefit.

Page 77: Necroplasmic Eruption

Q: Is this a ranged attack? If so, what is the range?

A: The description on page 77 is misleading. The template is placed directly over the erupting beast -- not the enemy "targeted model". Once the template is placed, any enemy model under it suffers the environmental attack. There is no range per say.


Page 78: Raise Dead

Q: Does the Raise Dead special ability require use of an action?

A: No. When models with this skill slay an opponent in CC, that model will rise at the beginning of the next turn and seek to join up with the model that slew it. This happens before the initiative is rolled. No actions or control must be attempted by the model with this power. There is no limit per turn on this unless otherwise listed.

Page 79: Secondary Attack

Q: What happens when a model has only one weapon and secondary attack?

A: The model uses the one weapon twice, with the second attack suffering a -4 penalty as normal.

Page 81: Tactical Sense

Q: Grunts can’t use Tactical Sense if an enemy is within short range, and Elite units can’t if there is an enemy within point blank. What about Individuals?

A: It works the same as the ruling for firing into Close Combat. Individuals with an LD score of 12 or more act as if they are Elite, while those with an 11 or less act as if they are a Grunt.

Page 81: Technomancy

Q: Exactly what type of models may be healed with Technomancy?

A: Models listed as necrorganic, necrobiotic, summoned, and supernatural may be healed regardless of their size.

Page 84: Concentrate

Q: If concentration reduces the magnitude of a spell by 2 points, does that mean spells that depend on magnitude for damage also has the damage decreased?

A: The rule really should have said you gain a +2 modifier to your power when concentrating. That was really the intent. Reducing the magnitude has the same net effect, but raises the unforeseen issue you’ve identified. For purposes of modifiers based on magnitude, use the magnitude as listed. Concentration does not reduce the effect of the power in any way. It only makes the power a bit easier to unleash.

Page 84: Concentrate

Q: Is concentration cumulative or not?

A: Page 84 is incorrect. Page 42 is correct. Concentration is not cumulative.

Page 85: Backlash Chart

Q: The "17" result is missing on the chart. What happens if I roll a 17?

A: Please consider 11-17 as a "mind spike" result.

Page 87: Controlling Summoned Units

Q: Some units (like Templars) are listed as type “summoned”. Do they have to be controlled? Do they rampage if they aren’t?

A: The problem here is the re-use of the word “summoned”. There are models that are not originally from this plane of existence (like Templars or Immaculate Furies), but now exist here permanently. To indicate this, they received the classification “summoned”. There were also creatures that were to be “summoned” during play. There were a number of them initially, but they were pulled in favor of inclusion in a future book. These beasts were naturally called “summoned” creatures.

The rules concerning control of summoned creatures and rampage only apply to models actually summoned during play. In retrospect, it might have been wise to call the extra-planar beings something different, like maybe “gated” or “transported”. They aren’t the same as some beast summoned during play. The rules for controlling summoned creatures don’t apply to them.

The same applies to the servants of the Supreme Necromagus. Since they were “summoned” pre-game, the control and rampage rules don’t apply. Think of them more as otherwise normal DL troopers that he indentures via his powers of mentalism.

Page 90: Boarding a Transport

Q: Do the troops inside a transport have to be of the same squad?

A: Yes. Only one squad may board a transport at a time.

Page 91: Surviving a Destroyed Transport

Q: Do units like the Orca and Skimmer count as transports when they have optional riders on board? Do these riders roll on the survival chart when the vehicle is destroyed? Does the crew?

A: If the model is allowed to disembark the vehicle, then they would get a roll on the survival chart. Regardless of the vehicle classification, they are indeed being transported by the vehicle in question.

The crew on the other hand, would not. Even if they survive the destruction, they are not equipped to continue offensive operations. Dead or alive is irrelevant. They might be dead, seriously wounded, or a dazed non-combatant survivor crawling from the wreck. Either way, they are removed from play.

Page 92: Vehicle Wounds Designation

Q: What does the designation 5/2 mean?

A: It means the vehicle has five total wounds. The first two are safe wounds, meaning the vehicle will not have to roll on the chart on page 93 until the third wound is delivered.

Page 98-99: Disarming Mines

Q: How does one go about disarming a mine?

A: The test for disarming a mine is fairly simple. Move a demolition specialist into the 3" range of a mine counter. Apply the standard +2 to his LD test and roll for each ATP of the mine. A success on all rolls indicate the mine is deactivated. A failure on any one of the rolls means the mine explodes.

Page 120: ROF and Damage Multipliers

Q: If I have a ROF modifier and the first shot kills my target, do the remaining shots of the burst spread to the next closest target in the firing arc? How about damage multipliers? How do they work?

A: If the weapon has a ROF modifier (like a +3(x3) listing under SR), then you are firing a burst of shots. If one of the earlier shots scores the kill, any remaining shots would spray on to the next closest target in the firing arc.

If the weapon has a DAM modifier (like 12(x2) under DAM), you are only firing one shot that is so devastating, it might actually do more than one wound to the target you hit. That initial target must save once for each multiplier at the listed damage. If the initial target dies before all the saves are made, the additional saves would not pass on to the next closest target. They would instead be wasted pulverizing the already dead target.

NEW - 10/03/2004

Page 120 & 127: Ranged Weapons Used in Close Combat

Q: How can I tell if a weapon can be fired in close combat, verses being used like a club? What is the damage if I do use it like a club?

A: If the weapon has a modifier listed under its CC category, it can be used in close combat and does the listed amount of damage. It is assumed you'd be using the weapon in the most effective manor, whether by shooting it or using it as a club.

If the weapon has a dash, it cannot be used at all. The wielder would not be able to use it to effectively attack in close combat. Models with no usable weapon and no close combat weapon may not fight in CC.

Page 121: Anti-vehicle Weapons (AV)

Q: Is the AV rating of a weapon a penalty to all target’s AR, or just impenetrable ones?

A: The AV penalty only applies to targets that are impenetrable.

Page 121: Direct Placed Templates

Q: How much of a base has to be covered by a template for the model to be hit? Can the template be carefully placed to cover the maximum number of troops, or does it have to center on the closest target?

A: If any of the enemy model’s base is covered by the template, the model is hit. The template may be placed in any manor the firing the player wishes, as long as the smallest point of the template is touching the base of the firing model, and the closest enemy model is one of the models hit with the template attack.

Page 122: Smoke and Spot Attempts (AV)

Q: Does spotting a model through a smoke template penalize the spot check roll?

A: Yes. The level of smoke is the penalty to the check. The text that mentions “block LOS” was meant in a very general sense. It really should have said “inhibit the enemy’s ability to spot and shoot”.

Page 128: Silenced CA-50 Avalanche

Q: What is the effect of the CA-50 being silenced?

A: It works just like the silencer sniper load-out listed on page 132.

Page 128: Marker Dart Pistol

Q: There is some missing text at the bottom. What is missing?

A: The final sentence should read: "Those that survive are left prone." Models larger than size two and vehicles will not be knocked prone.

Page 130: Flechette Weapons and AV Rating

Q: Page 130 states that flechette weapons are considered AV-1 against Necrorganic targets. I don't understatnd.

A: That statement is an editing error, and should be disregarded.

Page 138: Firing Mortars

Q: How do the actions of mortar teams work? If the spotter moves three times, can the crew then fire three times using the LOS of the spotter?

A: The team must use their actions like a vehicle crew. All must use their first action before any of them may use a second. It takes all three of crewman to fire the weapon with their first action.

If a crewman is missing, the remaining two crewmen may do nothing with their first action except move the mortar, or prepare the weapon for firing short handed.

If there are two crewmen missing, the remaining crewman may do nothing with his first and second action except prepare the gun for firing. He may not move the mortar alone.

Models that elect to spend actions doing something else are unable to assist in the firing process, and thus the crew must continue short handed as above. LOS is determined from the gun and not the spotter in any case. Only a forward observer may direct speculative fire attacks.

Page 141: Plaguebringer Cannon

Q: Which flamer template does this use?

A: The medium template.

Page 143: Missing with Indirect Fire Environmental Weapons

Q: If I fire a weapon like VX Nerve Gas or Pacifier Chemical Smoke and miss, what happens?

A: If you miss with an environmental template weapon, you add the number you missed by to the ATS of the attack. If the new ATS is 20 or more, the shot should be considered a dud.


Page 143-145: Smoke Munitions and Deviation

Q: Do smoke munitions like Smoke Grenades, Apex A12 Grenades from under barrel grenade launchers, or Smoke Canisters from mortars deviate?

A: The answer is yes, but only to a slight degree. Smoke rounds that deviate farther than their smoke level in inches are considered ineffective, and should be removed from play.

Page 143-145: Smoke Munitions

Q: I’m confused as to which smoke round goes with which launcher? Can you be more clear?

A: I'll try to clear some of the confusion up. There three kinds of pure smoke munitions listed, and one chemical smoke round.

The "Smoke Grenade" on page 146 is the version that is tossed by hand. It creates level 2 smoke and cannot be purchased. It must be assigned to the model.

The "Apex A12 Smoke Grenade" on page 143 is a load-out designed for under barrel grenade launchers. It is also the round fired by the CA-60. It creates level three smoke. If you've been assigned a CA-60, the 30mm Apex rounds come with it at no additional cost.

The "Smoke Canister" on page 143 is purchasable as a mortar load-out. It creates a cloud of level 4 smoke.

The "Pacifier CN/CS Chemical Smoke Canister" on page 143 is also a mortar load-out. It creates level two smoke that is also an environmental hazard of ATS 15.

Page 145: Chains of Illian and Stealthy Attackers

Q: Would the Chains of Illian work on models charging from stalk?

A: The chains are semi-sentient, and would immediately entangle the stalker the instant they made contact with his body. They wouldn't really need to see the attack coming to act. They assail anything they touch, visible or not. Therefore the chains would affect a model charging from concealment.

Page 145: Crescent Detonator Packs

Q: How do this work? Does the net automatically entangle the victim?

A: The way the Crescent Detonator Pack works is not clear. The stratagem harpoon is fired using the base RC skill of the wielder, and any HIT automatically entangles the target. Misses will have no effect.

Page 146: Mortuary Enzymes

Q: Some units list “mortuary enzymes” as equipment but they aren’t on the list. What are they?

A: Mortuary enzymes instantly destroy dead remains, so they can’t be reanimated and used by the enemy. It works the same as the Carrion Enzyme Sprayer, except this item is personal. When a model equipped with these enzymes dies, the body instantly turns to dust, leaving no trace of their mortal remains.

Page 149: AV Rockets

Q: Are rocket launchers AV?

A: The Rocket Launchers can fire both AV and AP rockets. The AV rockets were going to have an AV rating, but the book keeping with the different damages for AP and AV rockets was bad enough without trying to keep track of the AV rating too. Instead, the damage was adjusted upward and the AV rating left off. I guess for simplicity sake, you could say the AV rockets are AV-0.

Page 156: Infantry Major and Infantry Colonel

Q: Are these models force commanders, or division commanders?

A: They are division commanders. Please disregard the “Individual force commander” under their name. It is a typo. It should have said “Individual general officer”.

Page 160-161: ASH-88 Chainsword SA

Q: The chart under the ASH-88 says “see chart” for details about special abilities. The ASH-88 isn’t listed in the armory. What are the special abilities?

A: The listing was accidentally left out of the armory section. There are no special rules. It's just a big nasty flesh rending chainsaw.

Page 163: K-9 Unit Dogs

Q: Are the dogs in a K-9 unit supposed to be specialists?

A: No. They should have been listed as grunt troopers.

Page 170: DPAT-9 RL Damage

Q: Is the damage correct?

A: No. The damage should read 13(x2).

Page 172: Sea Lion Captain

Q: Should the Captain have the Unit Commander Ability?

A: Yes. He actually does but it was left off the output. His PC is correct.

Page 180: Orca Specialist Restrictions

Q: How many Mk III Orcas to I have to have to buy one of the MK IV or MK V specialists?

A: You must have two required orcas per specialists. If you buy two Mk III’s, you can get either a MK IV or MK V to go with them.

Page 182: Pegasus Scout Bike Safe Wounds

Q: Does the Pegasus roll on the additional vehicle damage chart? If so, when?

A: The Pegasus’s wounds should have been marked as 2/0. The vehicle rolls after the first wound.

Page 201: Hussar Forward Observers

Q: Is the line under the Hussar Forward Observer wrong?

A: Yes. It should say: “Grunt squad specialists, optional up to one per squad, mortal.”

Page 204: Ministry Executioner

Q: Shouldn’t the Executioner have the Execution SA?

A: Yes. Add the skill to his Special Abilities list and adjust his PC to 44.

Page 207: Valerie Duval

Q: Valerie is listed as a Force Commander, but she lacks the skill. Is this an error?

A: Yes. Please add the Force Commander special ability to her list and increase her PC to 54.

Page 218: Vulkans

Q: Is only the Sergeant vulnerable to radiant attacks?

A: No. The regular Vulkans are as well.

Page 220: ATML-100 Firefist Damage

Q: Is the damage correct?

A: No. The damage should read 14(x2).

Page 221: ARG-17 Rocket Launcher

Q: Is the damage listing on the RL correct?

A: No. The (x3) is a typo. The actual damage should be 13(x2).

Page 221: Viktor Autocannon

Q: Is the damage listing on the VA741 Mounted Autocannon correct?

A: No. The 12(x2) is a typo. The actual damage should be 15.

Page 249: ISC Iron Mastiffs

Q: Both the Handler and the Mastiffs are optional. Is that correct? What happens if the Handler (and at least one dog) is alive and you are forced to make a Moral test? Should it be a normal Moral test or an AI test?

A: The Handler should be listed as “Grunt squad leader, required 1 per squad, mortal.” The Mastiffs should read “Grunt trooper, required 2-4 per squad, special.”

The Mastiffs should have a special notes section which reads: “Mastiffs are immune to issues of moral, but their handler is affected like any other mortal. If their handler becomes broken or killed, the mastiffs will immediately halt in place. They cannot act independently. They cannot activate unless they are commanded by a handler.”

Page 251: Wolfbane Cheiftain

Q: I noticed that the Wolfbane Squad Leader is an Elite choice, even though the Wolfbanes themselves are a Grunt choice. He should be listed as a Grunt choice also, right?

A: Correct.

Page 253: Gray Ghost

Q: Is the Gray Ghost really support?

A: No. She should be listed as “Individual trooper, limit 1 per army, mortal.”

Page 254: Trencher Captain’s Air Warhorn

Q: I can’t find any info on the “air warhorn”. What is it?

A: It has no bearing on play. Please disregard the entry.

Page 255: Imperial Colonel

Q: Is this model a force commander or division commander?

A: The Colonel is a force commander. Replace the “Division Commander” ability with the “Force Commander” ability.

Page 256: Sean Gallagher

Q: What kind of commander is Sean?

A: Sean is missing the Force Commander SA. Add that to his special ability list, and increase his point cost to 51 points.

Page 256: Runeblade

Q: Shouldn’t the Runeblade be slashing instead of concussive?

A: Yes.

Page 258: Hammer and Stinger Hurricanes

Q: What are the squad sizes?

A: Each should say “Support unit, required 1 model, vehicle.”

Page 258: Lumberjack Autocannon Damage

Q: Does the Lumberjack do 14(x2) or just 14?

A: The damage should read 14.

Page 262: Hellstorm SMG

Q: Is the PB modifier of 0.5 correct?

A: No. The correct value is one.

Page 262: Charles the Black Prince

Q: Is Charles a force commander?

A: Yes. Please add the Force Commander special ability to his list, and increase his PC to 46.

Page 264: Edward Murdock

Q: Is Edward a force commander?

A: Yes. Please add the Force Commander special ability to his list, and increase his PC to 47.

Page 267: Timothy MacGuire

Q: Is Timothy MacGuire a force commander?

A: Yes. Please add the Force Commander special ability to his list, and increase his PC to 51.

Page 268: Warhounds

Q: The Warhounds seem a bit underpowered for an Elite troop type. Are their stats correct?

A: No. The Warhounds should have two wounds each, and their PC should be raised to 30 points. Otherwise, the unit is correct.

Page 302: Liege Lord Vulnerability

Q: This model is vulnerable to electricity?

A: The special rules section should say “Vulnerable to radiant attacks. Suffers +2 damage.”


Page 303-304: Typhoon and Arashi Ryuu Notes

Q: Do these weapons move and fire like other mortars? Is there some missing notes?

A: Yes. The Typhoon and Arashi Ryuu would exactly like other weapons of their type. It was an oversight that their notes were left out. I've included the lost text below.

Notes for the Typhoon and Arashi Ryuu:

The crew fires as a unit, with the crewmen and leader each spending an action to fire the weapon once using the RC of the weapon. Due to the nature of the weapon, command radius is determined from the gun and not the leader. Models not in command distance of the gun are considered out of command, and may not assist in the firing process until they move back into command. Attacks on the team strike the closest model. The ROF of the weapon is reduced by one for each team member unable to take part in the firing process. When all of the team members have been killed, remove the weapon from play.

Notes for Ashigaru weapon crew:

Crewmen must stay in base contact with the rear arc of the weapon. The crewmen and weapon move as a unit, with each using an action to move the group the weapon's MV stat in inches. If the weapon has a crew less than two, it cannot be moved at all.

Notes for Arashi Ryuu Leaders:

Leaders must remain in command radius of the weapon. They can assume a crew position by moving into base contact with the rear arc of the weapon, but while doing so they may not use their Tactical Sense special ability.

Page 306: Divine Wrath Scout Bike Safe Wounds

Q: Does the Divine Wrath roll on the additional vehicle damage chart? If so, when?

A: The Divine Wrath’s wounds should have been marked as 2/0. The vehicle rolls after the first wound.

Page 309-315: Meka Safe Wounds

Q: Do the Mekas roll on the additional vehicle damage chart? If so, when?

A: The Meka’s wounds should have been marked as 3/1. The vehicle rolls after the second wound.

Page 311: Tanjuro Greymen

Q: When I choose in which squad I put them, do I add an extra "fake trooper" to that squad, or must I pay for a guy that is in fact the impersonator? Can I decide not to use the Impersonation ability and deploy the model normally at the start of the game?

A: The impersonator replaces one of your troopers when he appears, so in that respect yes. You do have to pay for the guy he replaces.

As for deploying him normally, the answer is no. It is assumed the Greyman has infiltrated the squad he is in days or even weeks before the battle. Even his squad mates have no idea who he really is. You could reveal him turn one if you like, but it would kind of defeat the whole purpose.

Page 312-315: Dragonfang Mounted Autocannon Stats

Q: Damage on the Dragonfang Autocannon is listed at 11(x2) but the armory says damage is 13. Which is correct?

A: The damage is 13. 11(x2) is a typo.

Page 312-315: Kikigomae and Shadow Walker Monks

Q: Should Kikigomae Warrior Monks and Deathbringer Shadow Walkers be equipped with Mortuary Enzymes as described in their fluff?

A: Yes, but it only works for them personally. They can't use the load-out on other dead remains. It's something they are injected with. The cost of this equipment is already included.

Page 317: Demonsbreath Grenades

Q: On page 317 it states that Crimson Devils use Demonsbreath Grenades, but they are not equipped with them. Why?

A: The fluff on page 317 is speaking in very general terms. The Crimson Devils have been known to use them, but don’t equip with them as a standard because use of them is indeed a war crime. The use of this weapon by the Crimson Devils will be expanded upon in future supplements.

Page 319: True Sight

Q: Are the enemy models automatically revealed, or do they get an LD save to avoid being exposed?

A: Each concealed model gets a save. Those that pass remain concealed.

Page 342: CS-44 Chemical Sprayer

Q: What is the correct damage for this weapon? Can it be used in CC?

A: Damage 10 is correct. Please ignore the -1 CC rating. It should read “-“.

Page 343: Scorpion Launcher

Q: The Scorpion Launcher that can be taken as an optional specialist in the Attila squad is different from the support option. Is this a typo?

A: Yes. The stats listed on page 349 are the correct ones.

Page 349: Chem.IMN D-332 Chemical Warfare System

Q: The chart shows a -1 modifier in CC. Isn’t this a direct placed template?

A: Yes. The “-1” should have been a “-“. You place the template directly over the model with the D-332. Any model under the template (other than the Chem.IMN) suffers the environmental attack.

Page 349-350: TA-65000 and EDD Classification

Q: Are these units, for purposes of the rules, considered vehicles?

A: According to the fluff, these units are A.I. robots and not vehicles because they have no crew inside – at least in the classic sense. That being said, it was never our intention that the unit suffer the penalties associated with the absence of that classification. Please add the “vehicle” classification to the TA-65000 and both of the Eradicators.

Page 351: Missing Tactical Computer Enhancement

Q: The Cybertronic Doomtroopers and Chasseur Captain have a “Tactical Computer” enhancement listed. I can’t find that on the list on page 351. Where is it?

A: The Tactical Computer Enhancement adds one point to the model’s LD stat. The cost for this upgrade is one point.

Page 374: Brotherhood Trooper Grenadier

Q: Shouldn’t the Brotherhood Grenadier have grenades?

A: Yes. Add Wrath of God Grenades to his equipment list, and adjust his PC value to 20.

Page 375: Elite Trooper LMG Cost

Q: Is the listed PC of 58 correct for the LMG specialist?

A: No. The correct cost is 27 points.

Page 376: Paladin Decurion

Q: Is the Dercurion really a specialist? Does he have channel?

A: The Dercurion is a squad leader. He should have the Channel SA as well. His PC is correct.

Page 376: Paladin LMG Cost

Q: Is the listed PC of 60 correct for the LMG specialist?

A: No. The correct cost is 29 points.

Page 385: Valkyries and Channeling

Q: The Valkyries are listed as channelers, but they have no listed powers they can select. Is this an error?

A: This is NOT an error. They have a very rudimentary level of channeling skill and may act as Forward Observers because of it. They do not choose powers from an Art list.

Page 391-394: Art Duration

Q: A few of the Art powers don’t have a listed duration. How long do they last?

A: If not listed otherwise, the power will last until the end of the turn in which it was channeled.

Page 413-415: Doomtrooper Point Costs

Q: The costs of the Doomtroopers are not listed. How much do they cost?

A: The Doomtroopers were pointed as a team, so the individual members had no PC entry. Instead there was a line that identified the team and cost, with the individual members listed underneath. During layout, the line that held their price was apparently removed. It was most likely a space consideration, with Thom not realizing the individual models lacked a PC entry.

Here are the point costs: Capitol Team—92, Bauhaus Team—106, Imperial Team—97, Mishima Team—103, Cybertronic Team—96.

Page 444: Necrotech “Oppressor” MPL

Q: What are the range modifiers for the Necrotech MPL?

A: The weapon fires under the flat RC of the wielder. There are no range modifiers.

Page 449: Unholy Carronade RC Score

Q: The special rules for the Carronade state it can fire once without crew. What RC score would it use?

A: The Carronade itself should have an RC score of five. While the crew lives, the cannon fires with the RC of the crewman acting as spotter. If the spotter is killed, one of the other crewmen takes his place as spotter, until there are no crewmen left. Then the beast may fire only once, using its own RC skill of five.

Page 442: Undead Legionnaires

Q: Is the golem a required model for the Undead Legionnaires? Does the Curator count as a trooper?

A: No. The golem is optional, up to one per squad. The Curator is a squad specialist.

Page 443: Cursed Legionnaires

Q: Is the golem a required model for the Cursed Legionnaires? Does the Curator count as a trooper?

A: No. The golem is optional, up to one per squad. The Curator is a squad specialist.

Page 451: Neronian Legionnaires and Golem of Darkness

Q: Is the golem a required model for the Neronian Legionnaires?

A: Yes. The Lesser Eye of Maledrach summons him once they land. The Golem will appear exactly center of the selected landing zone once all the troops have landed. He will have two actions remaining when he appears.

Page 454: Alakhai and the Mask of Semai

Q: It states that Alakhai possesses the Mask of Semai yet I do not see this item in his profile. Where is it?

A: The Mask is listed on Page 146 under Miscellaneous Equipment. It is not calculated into the point cost.

Page 455: Size 6 Limitation Listed Under the Bio-giant Special Rules

Q: Does the rule of only one size six model per 500 points apply to other size six models like the Hurricane?

A: No. The limitation is a fluff consideration as opposed to an issue of game balance.

Page 456: Blessed Legionnaires

Q: Is the golem a required model for the Blessed Legionnaires? Does the Curator count as a trooper?

A: No. The golem is optional, up to one per squad. The Curator is a squad specialist.


Page 456: Curator

Q: Does the Curator count as a trooper?

A: No. The Curator is a squad specialist.

Page 459: Voice of Demnogonis

Q: The special rules states he can select up to two powers, but he doesn’t have channel. Is this an error?

A: The Voice of Demnogonis cannot channel. The special rule section is in error.

Page 463-464: Void Cannon Damage

Q: Page 121 says the Void Cannon damage is 4, but page 463 and 464 say damage is 7. Which is it?

A: Page 121 is correct. The damage is 4. The listings on page 463 and 464 hold typos.

Page 465: Karak and Channeling

Q: Karak the Keeper is listed as a channeler, but his profile does not list the channeling skill. Is this a mistake?

A: No. It is not a mistake. After careful consideration of the fluff surrounding Karak, the decision was made that he would be far too insane to actually channel in the classic sense, or even act as an effective division or force commander. Instead he was given a special ability to simulate what his channeling skills have become. That skill is ectoplasmic feast.

Page 467: Screaming Legionnaires and Golem of Darkness

Q: Is the golem a required model for the Screaming Legionnaires?

A: No. He is optional, up to one per squad.

Page 472, 514: Disciples and Heretic Squad Size

Q: Should the Army of God Disciples and the Semai Heretics be 8-12 man grunt squads?

A: By their very nature troops like Disciples and Heretics are zealots who draw their strength from being part of an angry mob bound by a common goal. We tried to simulate this in game terms by requiring larger numbers of them. The book is correct.

Page 484: Flow of Acid Cluster Effect Rating

Q: This spell mentions “cluster effect” but I can’t find where that is defined.

A: Check page 130 section 21.2 last paragraph for details on how cluster effect work. The concept behind the rule is that there are only so many targets that can be hit from the blast before the ones behind them are shielded from damage. The cluster effect value defines how many.

Page 484, 485: Apocalypse and Dark Lighting

Q: Is the Apocalypse and Dark Lightning effects considered a radiant attack?

A: Yes.

Page 486: Dimensional Storm

Q: When a Nepharite spends an action to maintain a Dimensional Storm and it then deviates per the rule on page 486, do you only make environmental attacks to the figures under the template at the end of the move? Or is it that any figure under the template during its move is affected?

A: Once the template is finished moving, everyone under must save. Those that the template simply passes over are roughed up a bit, but remain undamaged.

Page 511-512: Eclipsian Marrowpiercer Sword Stats

Q: Are the stats for the Eclipsian correct as listed under the Jihad Infantry and Khan’s Guard?

A: The stats for the Eclipsian Marrowpiercer under the Jihad Infantry and Khan’s Guard are wrong. The (x2) shouldn't be there. The correct stats are CC 0 with a DAM of ST+6.

Page 513: Prophet

Q: In looking at the Prophet I noticed it isn't a commander. Can you shed some light on the subject?

A: There is in fact an omission with the Prophet. Please add the Division Commander SA and increase his point cost to 57. He is limited to one per army.
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